Anonymous: It's kaiden. i'm on phone and aim it's stupid. so message me here

-messages u here- still waiting ur answer

Anonymous: what happened to alec? :(

are you serious? lol i don’t talk to alec anymore and i can’t believe you talked to me about him when it’s obviously a sensible subject. but his url is themcann so go talk to him if you want.

time to leave.

it’s the time for a tumblr break or just for leaving tumblr. stay perfect everyone and i hope you guys will always stay strong. i don’t know if i’ll come back, probably not or not soon, no one want me around anymore but i understand and it’s okay. the anon world have changed and it’s suck. everyone are here for relationship and friends and no one truly care anyway. it’s hard to keep a friend on here and i’ve sadly ruined the last friendship that meant something to me, drew baby i’m sorry, i love you so much okay, i’ll truly miss you and i hope sometimes you’ll have a little think for me, i seriously appreciated all the conversations with you, you mean a lot to me. so yes, my blog have a tumblr break theme now, goodbye anon world and thanks for everyone who gave me some good memories <3

gavin, alec, chase, luca, jeremiah, danniella, mason, drew, jamaica, stephanie, shania, amanda and everyone one else <3 love you guys xx